Working From Home, ABA Adjusts to New Team Members

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Last month, in light of the New York State on PAUSE executive order due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the American Booksellers Association staff transitioned to working from home. For some, this meant finding a dedicated work space and setting up new technology, and for others, it meant getting used to having some new "coworkers" around. 

Take a look below at some of the newest additions to the team:

Pooh, owned by Alison Larkin

Pooh, working with Alison Larkin, Book Data Assistant: "Pooh's the best coworker! Never barks or growls or needs to be fed or walked. I can get all my work done in peace." 

Mittens, owned by Pete Reynolds

Mittens, working with Pete Reynolds, Project Manager: "My coworker, Mittens, seems to think my lap is her work space. #itsallaboutmittens" 

Daisy, owned by Greg Galloway

Daisy, working with Greg Galloway, Director of ABA Technology: "Here is my coworker, Daisy, joining me for a video conference with a few other coworkers."

Bartleby, owned by Sydney Jarrard

Bartleby, working with Sydney Jarrard, Content Director: "Bartleby, ABA's Associate Director of Seat-Stealing, has been working extra hard the past few weeks." 

Luna, owned by Maria Rodriguez

Luna, working with Maria Rodriguez, Meeings and Planning Coordinater: "My coworker Luna never lets me work — she's always trying to distract me with requests for belly rubs."

Melissa Napolatino's new coworkers

Graphic and Web Designer Melissa Napolitano's new coworkers: "Here are my coworkers making good use out of the box I took from the ABA office to bring my work stuff home in."

Stephany Choi's team.

Education Content Coordinator Stephany Choi's new team: "Perfect attendance for the team meeting today!"

Mary Cate & Noah's kittens

Mary Cate and Noah of Two Cats Communications, the team behind ABA's social media: "Spotted our interns taking their first steps."

Benny, owned by Lauren Anastasio

Benny, working with Lauren Anastasio, Membership & Database Assistant: "This is my new 'coworker' Benny. He likes to jump up on the piano and walk across the keys while I’m on Zoom calls. He’s pictured here making sure I’m running Civi reports correctly."

Gen de Botton's new team member

ABC Children's Group Program Manager Gen de Botton's new temp: "The temp has been here for a month and still doesn't understand what he's supposed to do."


Minx, Maisy, Quincy, and Chiva, working with Joy Dallanegra-Sanger, Chief Operating Officer: "One of my partners, Minx, trying to lure me away to play with her."


"Another new coworker, Maisy, mainly visits to ask me for something like letting her go outside."


"Quincy visits my desk politely. He usually sleeps on the bed or chair in my office-room."

"And Chiva has a very special responsibility: keeping watch."


Cici and Reese, owned by Linda Ford, Design & Production Manager: "One of my coworkers had a very busy morning in front of the computer and needed a lunch break nap before continuing her day."

Reese, owned by Linda Ford

"After a very hectic day, it’s now time for coworker #2 to relax and play with her 'wiggle butt'!"

Hera, owned by Lisa Winn

Hera and Sophie, working with Lisa Winn, Senior Education Manager: "Caught my colleague contemplating her promotion to Pencil Allocation Manager. She’s going to be great!"

Hera and Sophie nap

"Here is my coworker Sophie taking a break with Hera for 'self-care.'"

Hazel sleeping

Hazel, working with Emily Behnke, Junior Writer/Researcher: "My new coworker Hazel decided having a quiet space for Zoom calls is not as important as I think it is, so she now she snores as loudly as she can all day long."


IndieCommerce Support Specialist Courtney Karacki's new team: "Safely visited some temporary coworkers, who moved to their new office under my (almost) in-laws' shed!"