Wi10 Room-Sharing Forum Launches on BookWeb

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In response to the extraordinary popularity of the Grove Park Inn, the 2015 Winter Institute host hotel, the American Booksellers Association has launched an online forum for potential room-sharing arrangements. Booksellers with reservations at the Grove Park Inn from February 8 – 12 who would be willing to share their room with a fellow bookseller on the hotel waitlist are invited to post first, so that waitlisted booksellers can reply.

Forty roll-away beds that can be added to rooms already booked by attendees will be available to ABA members on a first-come, first-served basis.

While making arrangements, booksellers should keep the following in mind:

  • You must already be registered for Wi10 to participate in the forum. This does not affect anyone's position on the waitlist for the Winter Institute itself.
  • The cost is $40 per roll-away bed per night. The overall room rate per bookseller will reduce accordingly, as room sharers split the total cost.
  • Booksellers with reserved rooms should post first; waitlisted booksellers can then reply if they are interested.
  • The maximum capacity is four people to a room, with no more than one rollaway bed per room.
  • Most importantly: Booksellers should notify ABA’s Maria Rodriguez about their final arrangements, so the hotel waitlist can be updated. Roll-away beds will be assigned in the order in which ABA is notified of a room share.

No one with an existing reservation at the Grove Park Inn is obligated to share; the forum was created to provide an opportunity for possible arrangements. Those who do offer to accommodate their wait-listed colleagues will be doing so as a gesture of goodwill and generosity.

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