“Wall Street Journal” Ad Aims to Boost Consumer Support of Local Businesses

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Support local now, enjoy local later Wall Street Journal adThe American Booksellers Association, with the help of HarperCollins, ran a full-page, full-color ad in the Wall Street Journal on March 20 that aimed to encourage the support of all local businesses. Harper generously donated the entire ad space to ABA and coordinated its inclusion.

The ad, which encourages consumers to “Support local now, enjoy local later,” identifies six ways to help out small businesses:

  • Buy a gift card
  • Sign up for a membership program
  • Make a donation
  • Place orders online or by phone
  • Buy a subscription box
  • Share with followers how you're supporting local businesses

The ad promotes the #SupportLocalNow hashtag.

Booksellers are invited to share social media assets featuring the hashtag and the support suggestions. Booksellers can visit ABA’s Marketing Assets to find images that can be shared on social media and as posters.

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