Think Spring: Nominations Needed for May and Reading Group Picks Lists

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This Friday, February 29, and next Friday, March 7, are deadlines for nominations to two important Picks lists: the May Book Sense Picks and the Spring Reading Group list, respectively.

Book Sense Picks Editor-in-Chief Dan Cullen is hoping to receive a wave of recommendations from new and returning nominators alike. "It's great hearing again from the many booksellers who are actively nominating titles for the Picks lists on a regular basis," he said. "But we also send out a hearty encouragement to booksellers who have not yet nominated a title that they are especially excited about handselling. The Picks list is a broad, engaging list of titles each month because of the extended participation of independent booksellers nationwide. It's really not hard to nominate -- please, do let us hear from you."

To nominate to the monthly list, booksellers should simply write a recommendation conversationally, as if they were speaking to a customer in the store, and not worry about coordinating their nominations with pub dates. "We have always suggested that as soon as a bookseller finishes a book he or she is excited about, send in a nomination," said Cullen, "While not all the quotes received can make it into the Picks fliers, they all are indispensable in creating a quality list. And we are very grateful for every one we receive."

May Book Sense Picks nominations, including quotes, should be submitted as usual to or via the online nomination form.

The submission process is slightly different for the Reading Group Picks. Booksellers are encouraged to send five to 10 of their reading group favorites, especially those that might have been published in the past year. There's no need to rank them, or to send in a quote -- just e-mail the titles to or use the Picks online nomination form.

Upcoming Book Sense Picks deadlines for 2008 are available on