Technology Meetup Recap: Eventbrite Updates

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On Thursday, September 10, the American Booksellers Association presented a Technology Meetup that focused on recent changes to the online event ticketing platform Eventbrite.

Sign up and learn more about ABA meetups here. Recordings of previous meetups are available in the Education Resources section on BookWeb.

For this event, Eventbrite Client Success Manager Jorge Portillo and Technical Customer Success Manager II Donna Kumar provided updates on recent changes to Eventbrite and useful tools that will soon be available.

As part of the session, Portillo and Kumar announced new special pricing for ABA members. Booksellers can visit to learn more about the new offer (booksellers will need to be signed in to access the discount details).

Here are some of the key points from the session:

  • Eventbrite has restarted its advanced payouts program, which was previously stopped due to COVID-related issues. For now, it is only open to event hosts who are sales-managed clients. All ABA members have access to this program. A business ID is required.
  • Eventbrite has launched the new “Online Event Create Experience,” through which hosts can program an online event with a special user-friendly template.
  • Eventbrite has transitioned to its new “Contact Us” flow for support. Before, users would call a specific number for support, but now, users should go through an online system.

    • For urgent matters, Portillo and Kumar can be contacted by email, but booksellers are asked to allow as much lead time as possible.
  • One new component of Eventbrite’s system is called “Team Management.” It takes the place of what used to be called “Multi User Access.”

    • It’s a more efficient management system with opportunities to distribute administrative permissions and roles more flexibly.
    • The transition included the creation of “legacy roles,” which should mirror those user permissions in the old version of Eventbrite. Users with legacy roles should still be assigned to the same events, but they cannot be added to new events. A new role will need to be created for that user.
    • Booksellers can skip to the timestamp at 15:33 in the video to view a full demonstration of this function. 
  • Another new component is “Timed Entry,” which allows event hosts to let a small number of people into an event at once. The “Sections” feature on Eventbrite’s ticketing page allows hosts to limit capacity by number of tickets.

    • For in-person events, this feature can be used through the Eventbrite Organizer app.
  • Eventbrite is also integrating with event platforms Zoom and Inplayer.

    • Eventbrite offers a Zoom app that allows creators to create new or connect existing Zoom meetings or webinars to their Eventbrite events. Once connected, existing attendees are automatically added to Zoom meetings, and attendees are checked in when they join.
    • Eventbrite is now also partnering with Inplayer to offer livestream ticketing. Inplayer will help new users navigate the service and host a livestream through Eventbrite for a fee.
    • Eventbrite is also integrated with Facebook, which allows event hosts to sell tickets on Facebook.