Sign Up for ABA’s January 14 Technology Meetup

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ABA MeetupsOn Tuesday, January 14, at 2:00 p.m. ET, the American Booksellers Association will present its first Technology Meetup of the year. The first meetup of 2020 will consist of an open discussion for booksellers to talk about a variety of technology-related topics, including:

  • What technology made their business more efficient last year as well as anything they tried that didn’t work 
  • Plans to try any new technology this year
  • Technology Meetup topics their stores benefitted from in the past year
  • Topics they would like to see covered during Technology Meetups in the coming year

ABA offers two opportunities for live online education: a twice-monthly Marketing Meetup and a monthly Technology Meetup. All member booksellers are invited to participate in these online discussions; subscribe to the Meetup mailing list here to receive invitations and to learn about how to sign up for the Technology Meetups, Marketing Meetups, or both. 

Learn more about ABA meetups here.