Reading Group and May Picks Nominations Needed

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Booksellers will have two opportunities in March to help create Book Sense Picks lists, the May Picks list and the Book Sense Reading Group list.

  • March 2 is the deadline for the May Picks list, and
  • March 9 is the deadline for the Reading Group list.

The Reading Group list was begun at the suggestions of booksellers in the Book Sense program, and ABA receives the most requests for additional copies for this list from booksellers throughout the year. It's a great marketing tool for in-store use and for outreach to book buyers in reading groups, and it showcases a wide range of paperback titles, which extends the Book Sense program into a store's backlist inventory.

To submit nominations for the Reading Group list, booksellers should simply send five to 10 reading group favorites, especially those that have been published in the past year. There's no need to rank the titles or to send in a nomination quote. Just e-mail the titles to [email protected] or use the Picks online nomination form.

"We're incredibly grateful for all the contributions that booksellers have made in creating the Reading Group lists over the past four years, especially so when we hear from stores about how useful the list is throughout the year," said Dan Cullen, Book Sense Picks editor-in-chief. "I hope even more booksellers this year take part in the creation of this list and send in nominations for their favorite book club titles."