Paz & Associates Debuts Online Training System for New Bookstore Owners

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The Bookstore Training Group of Paz & Associates has created a new online training program that enables prospective bookstore owners to begin their retail bookstore training online.

Prospective booksellers who are members of the American Booksellers Association will receive special rates when they sign up for the “Owning a Bookstore: Foundations for Your Success” program, which uses 12 training modules supplemented by presentations, videos, links, spreadsheets, planning exercises, and hand-outs to guide new booksellers in creating a business plan based on bookstore metrics and best practices.

The aim of the program, according to Paz & Associates, is to provide booksellers with the foundation for a solid business plan that demonstrates an understanding of what it takes to compete in today’s retail environment; the skills necessary to run a retail business; the importance of choosing the right location; and how much of an investment is needed and what to expect for a return on investment.

“People lead busy lives and often are still working in another industry while planning to open a bookstore,” said Donna Paz Kaufman, founder of The Bookstore Training Group. “Learning at your own pace and being able to repeat training segments will make it easier for more prospective booksellers to understand the business of bookselling and what it takes to launch and develop a profitable business.”

Prospective booksellers should visit the Paz & Associates website for more information or to register for online training.The online program is a prerequisite for the intensive workshop retreats offered by Paz & Associates. Members of ABA should call (904) 277-2664 to register at special rates.