Make the ABA Website Your Own With Shelf-Talkers and Store Photos

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Bookstores that would like to be featured individually on the American Booksellers Association’s website,, are encouraged to submit their own content for inclusion, including shelf-talker images and pictures of their store.

The “For Booksellers” landing page on includes a section for “Featured Shelf-talkers.” By clicking the page’s “Submit Your Own” button, booksellers can send in images of actual shelf-talkers from their stores as well as a transcription of the text. Booksellers will enter the store name, ABA ID, city, state, the name of the bookseller submitting, their e-mail address and job title, and include the appropriate images. 

Booksellers can also interact with ABA’s homepage via the “Bookstore Showcase,” which profiles bookstores that are active on Instagram. Booksellers can submit their store for consideration by clicking on the “Tell ABA About Your Store” button to send an e-mail. The requirements are at least three store photos (interior, exterior, with customers, or with staff); a short description/store blurb of no more than 150 words; and a link to the store’s Instagram page.

Booksellers with questions about either the “Featured Shelf-talkers” section or the “Bookstore Showcase” on the ABA website can contact ABA Content Director Sydney Jarrard via e-mail.