IndieCommunication: Redecorate Your Website, One-on-Ones, and Flash Sales

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Here's the latest news from the IndieCommunication e-newsletter from the IndieCommerce team:

Help Redecorating Your Website

With the dramatic increase in online traffic, your website’s appearance has become more important than ever before. IndieCommerce offers a wide variety of themes/templates that you can choose for your website. Here are some examples of out-of-the-box Drupal themes that stores on IndieCommerce are using with great results.

All of these themes are responsive and can be viewed on portable devices. For more information on Drupal themes and templates, check out this new video. If you have more questions about changing your website’s theme, email [email protected].

Registration Opens for IndieCommerce One-on-One Sessions

The IndieCommerce team is accepting reservations for one-on-one sessions with participating stores attending Winter Institute 2021. Appointment dates are Thursday, February 18; Friday, February 19; and Saturday, February 20. All one-on-one sessions will be held virtually and login information will be provided following your registration. If you have any questions, email [email protected].

Is Your Website Hosting Any Big Events?

We’re seeing more “flash sale” events on IndieCommerce websites. A flash sale is when a limited quantity of a book or any product that is in high demand is offered for sale on a website. During the pandemic, we’ve made considerable upgrades in hardware and software to keep ahead of the demands on the IndieCommerce platform. Flash sales, however, are an entirely different beast, but if we know one is coming, we can prepare your website for it.

As an example of a flash sale, let’s say Crown has arranged for your store to sell 100 signed copies of President Barack Obama’s A Promised Land on your IndieCommerce website. Within minutes of announcing the sale, thousands of people are going to flood your website and without some help, it’s going to crash. Over the past few weeks, we’ve assisted several IndieCommerce stores with flash sales and they all went smoothly. Any IndieCommerce website can request this service. All we ask is that you give us as much advance notice as you can so that we can prepare your site.

Email [email protected] if your website is planning on hosting any major online sales events.

URGENT: Last Day of IndieCommerce Credit Card Processing Using the Shared ABA Account Is March 31, 2021

If your IndieCommerce website is still using the shared American Booksellers Association credit card processor, we are eager to have you complete the transition to move to your own account as quickly as possible.

This must be done by March 31, 2021. After that date, the shared ABA credit card processing is being discontinued as a credit card payment option on IndieCommerce websites.

You will need to select a credit card processor (merchant service provider) and sign up for Please refer to the following information for details on how to migrate:

Booksellers can reach out to [email protected] for additional help.