IndieCommunication: New Website Features and a Password Policy Update

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Here’s the IndieCommunication e-newsletter for Monday, March 9:

New IndieCommerce Features

Here are some new features for you to try out on your IndieCommerce website:

Add to cart pop-over: When customers add books to their cart, they will see a 
pop-over cart rather than having to view a separate cart page. Stores can request this feature from the Store Features page (Store -> Configuration -> Account Information and Preferences -> Store Features).

Admin and customer roles: We’ve created a new and improved interface to manage roles on the website. This feature is now available on all IndieCommerce sites. Customer accounts for roles like Frequent Buyer, Members, etc. can be assigned in bulk from a CSV file. Stores that would like to try this bulk upload feature to assign roles should contact [email protected] to have it enabled on their site.

Who Are You Asking?

You’ve got a question about your IndieCommerce or IndieLite website and you decide to call or email your favorite customer support person directly, rather than sending your request to [email protected]. The problem is your favorite customer support person is out this week, so your email or call is going to remain unanswered until they return.

For the fastest response to your customer support questions, always email [email protected]. If your site is down or you have some other urgent critical issue related to your website, first check the IndieCommerce Status Page to see if we know about the problem. If you don’t see an incident report, please submit a critical outage report.

Password Policy Update: It’s Coming to Your Website

Please take this opportunity to make sure that each person on your staff has the right type of admin role on your website. We also request that you confirm that your contact information is accurate on your site. This can be edited at (Store -> Configuration -> Store). This will help us contact the right person for website-related matters. Questions about password security? Please drop us an email at [email protected].

Booksellers are encouraged to send their thoughts, questions, or suggestions via email to IndieCommerce staff at any time.

Past editions of IndieCommunication are available on the IndieCommerce Updates page on