IndieCommunication: New Features and Upgrades

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Here's the latest news from the IndieCommunication e-newsletter from the IndieCommerce team:

More IndieLite Upgrades

IndieCommerce has introduced a few more features to help IndieLite sites manage orders, including:

  • Disable & Enable Checkout: Store admins on IndieLite websites are now able to disable and enable the checkout system, allowing stores to temporarily prevent orders from being submitted online — a handy feature if you have limited staffing and want to slow down incoming orders.
  • Print a “Pick List”: The new Pick List feature on IndieLite sites now also offers a print option on the page.

Local Store Inventory (LSI) Only Option

This is a useful feature for bookstores wanting to limit online sales to what’s in stock at their store. This setting will show the “Add to cart” button only if a book is currently in stock in LSI. Customers will still be able to see other books but cannot buy them. This feature can be enabled and disabled as needed. To enable this feature, go to: Store > Configuration > Local Store Inventory > LSI Settings.