IndieCommunication: New Features and More for the Holiday Sales Season

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Here's the latest news from the IndieCommunication e-newsletter from the IndieCommerce team:

New Features Added to IndieLite

Bulk printing of invoice: This new IndieLite feature allows stores to print order invoices for multiple orders with one click. Orders can be filtered by date range, order status, and payment method. Stores can use the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features) to have this feature enabled on their site.

Custom checkout pane for store gift cards: This is a custom checkout pane that can be used on the checkout page for customers to enter their gift card number. Find more information here.

Pick list: A pick list is a document that indicates which items should be taken from your inventory to fulfill open orders. This allows you to grab all the items you need for a group of orders and removes the need to go back and forth for each order. For each order, this downloadable list will include products, SKUs, titles, and publisher information, as well as availability status. IL stores can filter by order date and order status. Stores can use the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features) to have this feature enabled on their site.

New Feature Added to IndieCommerce

Additional customizable checkout pane: By popular request, your store can now customize checkout pane #3. This checkout pane will have a check box and a text field for customers to enter a message to your store.

Ingram Recommended December 15 Cutoff Date for Christmas Delivery of CDF Orders

If your website is pushing online orders through Ingram’s Consumer Direct Fulfillment (CDF), Ingram recommended a cutoff date of December 15 for online orders that need to arrive before Christmas.

This does NOT take into account shipping delays that may occur. Your best strategy is to make customers aware of this information if you are offering CDF for online order fulfillment.

New Gift Invoice Feature Launches

This new feature has been enabled on all IndieCommerce websites and allows stores to include a gift invoice with any online order. The “Gift Invoice” option is available after selecting the “Invoice” tab (see below).

IndieCommerce Example Site invoice tab showing gift invoice option

Your final gift invoice would look similar to this:

Pane showing "A gift for you!"

Cheat Sheet of Great Ideas

The IndieCommerce team has been rolling out quite a few new features and services over the past few weeks. To help you get the most out of your IndieCommerce or IndieLite website, we have put together this extensive list of new features and suggestions to help you convert more customers into buyers and manage the increase in online sales volume over the next two weeks. Well worth at least a five-minute browse.

For IndieCommerce Stores on Their Own Credit Card Processor

All order processing and payment captures can be done from your website. There is no need to go into to capture payments for your online orders. For more information on order processing now that your store is on its own credit card processor, please review this page.