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Here's the latest news from the IndieCommunication e-newsletter from the IndieCommerce team:

A Solution for Assigning One Coupon to Many Titles

Coupons are an excellent marketing tool for your website. They can attract new customers and reward your existing customers. IndieCommerce websites can offer many different coupon options. 

IndieCommerce websites now have the ability to create a coupon and then upload a large number of ISBNs that will be restricted to that coupon. As an example, you could create a coupon code that would lower the price of all staff picks to $10. You would first create this coupon, then bulk upload the 25 staff picks that it would apply to. Whenever one of those titles is in the shopping cart and the coupon code is entered at checkout, the customer will only be charged $10 for the title.

Find more information on this bulk upload feature and many other coupon options here.

Restricting Access to Specific IndieCommerce Views

This is an important tool that could be used for restricting access to sensitive data that may appear in some reports, such as customer orders or sales data. Find more information and a very informative, brief video on this topic here.

Switch Now: Last Day of Shared ABA Credit Card Processing Is March 31

If your IndieCommerce website is still using the shared American Booksellers Association credit card processor, we are eager to have you complete the transition to move to your own account as quickly as possible.

This must be done by March 31, 2021. After that date, the shared ABA credit card processor is being discontinued as a credit card payment option on IndieCommerce websites. This deadline does not apply to IndieLite websites.

You will need to select a credit card processor (merchant service provider) and sign up for Please refer to the following information for details on how to migrate:

Booksellers can reach out to [email protected] for additional help.