IndieCommerce and IndieLite Stores: Use Wish Lists This Holiday Season

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This holiday season, IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores should take advantage of the wish list feature on their websites. Booksellers can find information about the wish list feature in this Help Document on

Wish lists can be used to keep track of personal reading lists, holiday wish lists, and book fairs or donation book drives. Enabling wish lists not only adds an “Add to Wish List” button on product and search results pages, but also provides a variety of settings and features for the store administrators and customers to use.

The following features have been added to the wish list feature for this upcoming holiday season.

For stores:

  • The wish list search results page now has a pager. This feature divides search results into batches of 25 per page, making it easier to search customer wish lists.
  • Store admins can now create a wish list on behalf of a customer (IndieCommerce only).
  • Store admins now have filter options when searching for wish lists. Available filters include username, email address, wish list title, and privacy and shipping settings. (IndieCommerce only).

For customers:

  • IndieCommerce and IndieLite stores now have a setting to send an alert to customers that their wish list is close to its expiration date. This is set to “Never” by default, with options for 7- or 14-day warnings before the expiration date.
  • When using multiple wish lists, customers now have the option to delete a wish list they no longer want or need. This feature is to be used with caution, as deleting a wish list is irreversible (IndieCommerce only).
  • Customers are now able to add a mailing address to their wish list and set this as the default delivery address for orders placed from that wish list (IndieCommerce only).

Booksellers with questions regarding the wish list feature should contact [email protected].