Independent Bookstore Day Boosts Online Sales by 30 Percent

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Here, the IndieCommerce team shares an important look at current trends in the world of e-commerce.

On Saturday, August 29, the nationwide celebration of Independent Bookstore Day, online sales were up more 30 percent over the previous Saturday (August 22). This resulted in a sales revenue increase of 19.6 percent for the week ending September 1.

Seven-day conversion rate comparison

Although the average conversion rate (the percentage of visitors to IndieCommerce and IndieLite websites that completed a purchase) for the week was down 2.47 percent, this decrease was offset by a 26.29 percent increase in users to IndieCommerce and IndieLite websites (see below). 

Seven-day comparison of users

This past week (blue line), the demand of Bookstore Day-related merchandise and the associated online marketing ended up driving significant sales and traffic to IndieCommerce and IndieLite websites compared to the previous week (orange line).