FAQ Addresses ABA Gift Card Program Wind Down

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To help answer booksellers' questions and concerns about the phase out of the ABA Gift Card Program to individual store programs, the American Booksellers Association has created an extensive FAQ, which will be revised and expanded as more details become available. The initial list of questions and answers covers general issues surrounding Givex (ABA's gift card transaction processor and partner).

"ABA's goal is to provide a smooth transition to more cost-effective in-store program for all Gift Card Program participants," said Jill Perlstein, the association's director of member services. Perlstein and ABA's Linda Ford will be providing individual consultations to all participants via phone call. Gift Card Program participants who will be attending the Winter Institute in San Jose are also encouraged to attend the session "Gift Card Users Group: Preparing for the Transition" on Friday, February 5.

Questions not covered in the FAQ should be addressed to Perlstein at (800) 637-0037, ext. 6642, or via e-mail at [email protected]. Booksellers should not contact Givex with questions about the transition or card and holder inventory. Those questions should be directed to Perlstein and Ford at [email protected].

For more general ABA Gift Card program information, visit BookWeb.org.