Expanded Disability and Life Insurance Benefits Available to ABA Members

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The American Booksellers Association this week announces the availability of new insurance coverage for members through Asset MarketPlace. Individual and/or company-wide benefit packages include expanded income replacement (DI) and life insurance options.

Through Asset MarketPlace, ABA member booksellers and their families have the opportunity for lifelong protection through insurance products underwritten by highly rated, national companies such as Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, and Transamerica. ABA member companies may also qualify for discounted group rates and simplified underwriting insurance coverage.

“Asset MarketPlace was selected after due diligence by the LIBRIS staff, who confirmed Asset MarketPlace’s high level of expertise in these areas, as well as its proven ability to provide the quality level of support that our members have become accustomed to through our LIBRIS program,” said ABA CFO Eleanor Chang.

“Our insurance professionals have proven results at securing the best possible coverage, saving money, and making the insurance process easy,” said Mark Brownstein, president of Asset MarketPlace. “We are poised and ready to assist ABA members and their families.”

ABA members have access to professional insurance experts through a consultation call center and are eligible for a complimentary, independent assessment of their protection needs.

Below are descriptions of the expanded range of coverage available through Asset MarketPlace:

  • Disability Insurance: Provides income when a member cannot work because of an accident or sickness. Premiums can be discounted up to 15 percent and are fully portable and are underwritten by a simplified process enabled certain individuals to qualify through the group plan who might not qualify if they applied on their own.
  • Long-Term Care Coverage: Protects member’s life savings when they or family members develop chronic illnesses that require day-to-day care. It allows individuals the choice to remain independent and receive the quality care they need at home. The chances of needing some form of long-term care are one in two. Long-term care policies protect members against devastating financial and emotional impact. Members can enjoy a Preferential Rate – up to10 percent lower than a standard rate – for members and their spouses.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: Provides a lump-sum payment upon diagnosis of some of the most costly illnesses and conditions. The benefit may be used however the member wishes. This coverage also uses a simplified underwriting process.
  • Life Insurance Benefits: Members will be assisted by certified agents to find the most suitable and affordable options available.

These are completely voluntary and portable insurance policies. Certain policies include discounts not available to the general public.

For further information and to activate member benefits, ABA members should call advisors at LIBRIS at (888) 694-8585, option 4. Additional information about both individual member protection and company-wide coverage is provided under the “Associations” section at www.AssetMarketPlace.net.