E-commerce Update: Fourth Quarter E-commerce Ramp Up Begins

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Here, the IndieCommerce team shares an important look at current trends in the world of e-commerce.

Online sales revenue was up 1.7 percent this week over the previous week. The e-commerce conversion rate remained steady at 4.71 percent for last week as well as the previous week. We’re also seeing a 3.87 percent increase in online traffic/users.

Seven-day comparison - the ecommerce conversion rate for last week and the previous week remaine dat 4.71 percent

The traffic pattern for last week (blue line) is staying very close to the previous week (orange line). With summer coming to an end, expect online traffic to slowly ramp up towards the end of September, increase through November, and then peak in mid-December.

The number of users/visitors last week increased 3.87 percent compared to the previous week.

Going into the holiday shopping season, we’re expecting the e-commerce conversion rate to be driving online sales, more so than traffic. Our current e-commerce conversion rate going into the 2020 4th quarter is already higher than the 3.94 percent holiday shopping season peak of last year.