BookWeb’s Forums: A Great Way to Connect

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Want to put the call out to other booksellers for suggestions on how best to promote eBooks and eReaders? Looking to share best practices for handling personnel matters? Have an issue or question that you want to bring to the attention of ABA staff? BookWeb’s online discussion forums are a great place to bring these and other issues to the attention of other booksellers or ABA and IndieCommerce staff members.

Booksellers are invited to initiate conversations or contribute to ongoing dialogues through the forums, which are an exclusive benefit of ABA bookstore or provisional membership.

In addition to the general Bookseller-to-Bookseller Forum and Ask ABA, there are forums on IndieCommerce, ABA education, inventory control systems, and Kobo eBooks and eReaders.

A link to the Booksellers Forums can be found in the menu at the bottom of each page on the new

Booksellers can sign up to automatically receive e-mail notifications about new posts to the forums by clicking the “subscribe” link under the “Subscribe to Forum” heading on any thread page. Subscriptions can be to an individual thread, to all the available forums, or to a specific forum. 

Since the launch of the redesigned in April, for technical reasons, only the most recent content from the previous version of the Bookseller Forums is available along with newer postings. Booksellers may repost any question or comment from the old forums in order to maintain a thread; information about archived forum content can be requested by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Check out the forum discussions currently underway or start a new one now. If you’re new to the forums, before you begin posting please read the Antitrust Policy in the ABA Website Statement, Policies, and Agreement.