Bookstore Design & Display Ideas on Pinterest

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Drawing inspiration from indie bookstores around the world and general retailers such as Anthropologie, Williams-Sonoma, Natural Life, and Crate & Barrel, Donna Paz Kaufman of the Bookstore Training Group of Paz & Associates has created a Pinterest page dedicated to “Bookstore Design & Display.”

The page, which is an ideal resource for anyone starting a bookstore or looking to refresh an existing business, currently features hundreds of photos in 14 categories, including specialty fixtures, accent furniture, kids’ play areas, seating, cubbies, and more. Plans call for new categories and photos to be added in the future. Find all kinds of ideas and inspiration by browsing

More inspiration can be found on the Paz & Associates website, which features a makeover of Left Bank Books in St. Louis, Missouri. The store, owned by Kris Kleindienst and Jarek Steele, won the makeover in a 2012 contest celebrating Paz & Associates’ 20th anniversary. Before-and-after photos show Left Bank transformed with about $2,500 in materials plus the design expertise of the Paz team and a good deal of “sweat equity” from the store’s owners. Photos show sections reorganized and relocated within the store, focal point displays created, signage unified, and a new color palette, which helped add energy and interest to various areas in the store.