Bookshop: How to Become a Partner

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Bookshop, a new online bookselling platform designed to support independent bookstores, is inviting independent booksellers to sign on as partners.

As part of Bookshop’s partner program, 10 percent of sales on are allocated to an earnings pool that is evenly divided and distributed by check to participating partner stores every six months.

To be eligible for the pool payout, stores must be ABA members with a physical location (this includes pop-ups). There are no other requirements, and there is no fee to become a partner.

To be included in the first payout, stores must sign up by March 1. The payout for the January to June period will occur in July. Stores should email Bookshop’s Sarah High to sign up for the partner program.

Bookshop, a B-Corporation, is a national online platform that offers socially conscious consumers an alternative to major online and big box e-commerce retailers. The site provides a book community for readers as well as easy purchasing, an intuitive interface, and fast shipping for books while ensuring independent bookstores benefit from the revenue.

Independent bookstores can also sign up to be affiliates. Affiliate stores that sell books online using Bookshop (by sharing Bookshop links on social media, in email newsletters, or on their websites) will earn 25 percent commission on any sales they generate. All orders will be fulfilled through Ingram, and Bookshop handles the inventory, fulfillment, shipping, customer service, and returns.

Watch an upcoming issue of BTW for more details about becoming a Bookshop affiliate or read the FAQ for Bookstores on Bookshop’s website.