Book Sense Picks Pre-Boarding Has Begun

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The deadline for the August Book Sense Picks is tomorrow, Friday, June 9 ... but there is still time to send in your nominations to [email protected]. Nominations can also be entered through a convenient online nomination form.

A recent USA Today piece on Water for Elephants, the number-one June Pick, gave national mention of independent booksellers and the Book Sense Picks, coverage that highlights the important role indies play in helping deserving titles find their audience. Every nomination from a Book Sense store furthers this process.

Looking ahead, here's a list of deadline dates for the next few weeks:

  • July 7 -- Fall Children's Picks
  • July 7 -- September Picks
  • July 14 -- Banned Books Top Ten
  • August 4 -- October Picks
  • August 11 -- Halloween Top Ten