Binc’s Bookseller Stories: “No Safe Place to Call Home”

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The Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc) sent out the seventh volume of its Bookseller Stories newsletter on Monday, October 21. The nonprofit organization launched this monthly series so donors could see the life-saving and life-changing impact they have on the lives of booksellers every day. In each story, booksellers give their account of how Binc helped them recover from a financial emergency. Binc provides financial assistance to booksellers experiencing an emergency or hardship caused by illness, natural disasters, and more. Read the seventh volume of Bookseller Stories here:

Binc logoNo Safe Place to Call Home” (Bookseller Stories, vol. 7 / / October ’19) 

This month is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic violence can take many forms and come from a partner, a roommate, or a bookseller’s own family. This scary and frustrating issue is one where Binc can act quickly and discreetly — helping to get a bookseller out of harm’s way and moved into a safe place. We could help a bookseller facing domestic violence very recently because of you and your support.

A bookseller was living comfortably with their landlord and roommate. The roommate had to move away and the bookseller’s landlord welcomed a new roommate into the household. At first, it seemed that things were going okay, but the new roommate started behaving oddly towards the bookseller, not respecting boundaries and acting out. The rate and severity of the incidents began escalating. The bookseller asked their landlord for help, to no avail. Since no actual crime had been committed, law enforcement was not an option either. Eventually, the situation led to the bookseller seeking refuge elsewhere and even resorting to sleeping in their locked car to avoid new conflict with the unpredictable roommate.

The bookseller came to realize their new roommate’s unpredictable and aggressive behavior was caused by their alcohol dependency. The new roommate continued to verbally abuse the bookseller and issues continued to escalate, becoming more frequent and frightening. The bookseller felt as though they had nowhere to turn and their only option was to leave the residence. Things had gotten so bad that they were paying rent but afraid to stay in their home. They couldn’t afford a security deposit to move out and yet they were afraid to stay.

Fortunately, someone at their bookstore asked if they had contacted Binc. After the bookseller got in touch, we were able to swiftly help them move into a safe home where they do not have to undergo daily abuse and fear of harm.

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