AdventureKEEN Launches 2018 Indie Bookstore Campaign to Benefit Binc

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This year, outdoor and regional publisher AdventureKEEN is rolling out a new version of its shop local program for independent bookstores to raise money for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc).

Shop Local Live Local logoIndie bookstores that opt in to the publisher’s new 2018 program, titled “Shop Local, Live Local All Year Long,” will earn a 3 percent rebate from the publisher on all AdventureKEEN titles purchased between their opt-in date and the end of the year. At the same time, AdventureKEEN will donate a matching 3 percent to the Binc Foundation, which assists bookstore employees experiencing emergency financial hardships.

Eligible 2018 orders will be tallied for each store at the end of the year, and checks will be mailed directly to stores no later than March 1, 2019. Bookstores that enroll prior to March 31, 2018, will earn a rebate based on complete 2018 purchases and will have the chance to win one of four custom-tailored regional book starter kits.

In addition to reinforcing the importance of shopping at local bookstores, the AdventureKEEN program will help enlarge the scope of support to Binc while providing an equal-dollar benefit to all participating bookstores.

AdventureKEEN logo“AdventureKEEN’s commitment to helping booksellers, bookstores, and the communities they live in by expanding their Shop Local, Live Local promotion is a win-win idea for everyone,” said Pam French, Binc’s executive director. “This is a terrific way to help strengthen the booksellers’ safety net, promote local commerce, and get people to enjoy the great outdoors! We couldn’t be more grateful for this partnership.” 

AdventureKEEN became Binc’s first publisher promotion partner in spring 2017 after rolling out its inaugural month-long Shop Local, Live Local campaign to benefit Binc, which culminated in a final donation of all June profits from the publisher’s indie bookstore sales.

As an independent publisher, AdventureKEEN centers its business on supporting local booksellers, and its titles help empower readers to find adventure close to home, including accessible hiking guides, birding guides, urban walking guides, tree and flower ID guides, nature-inspired children’s books, guidebooks for camping and paddling adventures, and more.

“We fiercely share the dedication to community and superior customer service that independent booksellers exhibit,” said Richard Hunt, president of AdventureKEEN. “Independent bookstores and independent publishers share the same entrepreneurial spirit and the aspirational goal of making every reader happy.”

Binc logoIndependent booksellers can enroll in the program here and stock up on books related to their specific regional area using AdventureKEEN’s state-by-state catalogs available on Edelweiss. Orders will be accepted through PGW/IPS only; booksellers should try to make monthly inventory checks for reorders when needed.

A ZIP file with more information, printable tabletop displays, and official logo files is now available on the AdventureKEEN website to help booksellers maximize their participation in this year’s program.