ABA Launches #BoxedOut Campaign: Booksellers Invited to Join

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Cafe Con Libros Bookstore
Cafe Con Libros Bookstore (photo by DCX)

On Tuesday, October 13, the American Booksellers Association launched the #BoxedOut campaign, which is designed to market indie bookstores and speak to the critical choice between shopping indie and shopping Amazon.

#BoxedOut launched with six indie bookstore installations and a national social media campaign that all ABA member booksellers are invited to join.

The bookstore installations feature cardboard coverings overtaking each storefront. Piles of cardboard boxes spill out of these now-cardboard buildings, quipping, “If you want Amazon to be the world’s only retailer, keep shopping there.” Cardboard books further bring the campaign message to life: “To Kill a Locally Owned Bookstore.”

ABA's Allison Hill and Joy Dallanegra-Sanger outside McNally Jackson Books
ABA's Allison Hill and Joy Dallanegra-Sanger outside McNally Jackson Books

Resources are available for booksellers who want to create their own installations, share the message on social media, or connect with local media outlets.

Booksellers can visit BookWeb.org for:

Greenlight Bookstore #BoxedOut book display
Greenlight Bookstore #BoxedOut book display

“Boxed Out” was designed by DCX Growth Accelerator. The campaign’s signature “Boxed Out” installations are located at McNally Jackson in Manhattan; Café con Libros, Community Bookstore, and Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn; Book Soup in West Hollywood; and Solid State Books in Washington, DC.

Booksellers with questions about the campaign can reach out to ABA CEO Allison Hill.

Media inquiries can be directed to Hill or ABA Senior Strategy Officer Dan Cullen.