ABA Group on LinkedIn Open to All in Bookselling Industry

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Among its several social media channels, the American Booksellers Association also has its own Group Page on LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking site. The professional group is open to booksellers, publishers, authors, and others in the book world — both ABA members and non-ABA members — to share photos, post articles and other content, and start conversations about the business of retail bookselling.

LinkedIn’s group pages essentially allow members to see the latest industry ideas and news, all while contributing their own content and networking with their peers. Members of ABA’s group page are encouraged to post only messages related to the business of running a bookshop or other topics related to the book business. Those who join the group will also receive a weekly LinkedIn e-mail digest with all posts from the week, though LinkedIn preferences can be adjusted for frequency.

The only requirement to join ABA’s group is a LinkedIn account. The group page can be found by clicking on “Groups” in the search bar at the top of the LinkedIn homepage and typing in American Booksellers Association. In addition to ABA’s group page, which currently has 1,423 members, ABA also has a LinkedIn Company Page featuring basic information about the organization, its history, mission, and services.  

What makes the value of LinkedIn groups unique among all of ABA’s other social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and the bookseller forums on BookWeb.org, is the rich opportunity it provides booksellers to connect in-depth with people who work in different parts of the industry, said IndieCommerce Director Phil Davies.

“I hope ABA’s LinkedIn group will be a place for people to talk about and post industry-related tips, like a roundtable,” said Davies.