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16 Oct

Franklin Foer: Troubling How Amazon Defenders Ignore Bookselling Monopoly

New Republic editor Franklin Foer struck a nerve. His article “Amazon Must Be Stopped” — in which he argued that Amazon’s monopolistic actions needed to be addressed by a robust regulatory state — garnered a tremendous, “fairly polarized” reaction from readers.

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10 Oct

New Republic Urges Government Action to Stop Amazon

In an October 9 cover story, the New Republic editor Franklin Foer likens Amazon to the monopolies of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but says it’s a newer “species” of monopoly, one that needs to be addressed by a “robust regulatory state.”

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08 Oct

ABA Member Meets with Congressman in Support of E-Fairness

On September 25, Annell Gerson, co-owner of Bookmiser in Roswell, Georgia, joined with four other retailers to meet with Congressman Tom Price in support of e-fairness legislation. The face-to-face meeting is one of many being arranged by the Marketplace Fairness Coalition.

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02 Oct

Apple E-Book Settlement Provides Indie Opportunity

ABA has created new DIY materials to help booksellers educate their customers about their payment options under the Apple E-Book Settlement.

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25 Sep

Sales Tax Fairness Roundup

Congress to take up e-fairness post-election; Amazon to collect in Minnesota and Maryland

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25 Sep

Howorth: Sales Tax Inequity an 800-Pound Gorilla

On September 17, the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal published a letter calling for e-fairness from Richard Howorth, the owner of Square Books. The letter was written in response to an article that noted Mississippi is one of 10 states most reliant on sales taxes as a share of revenue.

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25 Sep

#efairnessnow Campaign Picks Up Steam

ABA is urging its member bookstores to help the #efairnessnow social media campaign go viral by posting campaign images on their Facebook and Twitter feeds, or, as Harvard Book Store in Cambridge did, create and post their own #efairnessnow image.

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17 Sep

#efairnessnow Social Media Campaign Rolls Out

ABA is urging booksellers to help make a new social media campaign go viral. The campaign #efairnessnow was launched last week by Advocates for Independent Business.

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11 Sep SHOP Exchanges to Be Tested in Five States

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will test the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP Exchanges), the health insurance exchange for small businesses, with a soft launch in late October in Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, and Ohio.

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11 Sep

AIB Launches Social Media Campaign in Support of E-Fairness

Advocates for Independent Business is launching the social media campaign #efairnessnow to encourage consumers to show their support for Main Street retailers by posting images on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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