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03 Nov

Teen Reviews Help Make Better Booksellers

To find out if teenagers still love the undead, want more werewolves or something else, some indie booksellers ask teens to write their own reviews, which are posted in-store or in e-newsletters.

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12 Jan

An Interview With Historian and Wi7 Plenary Speaker Douglas Brinkley

Wednesday at Wi7 will be capped by an interview of award-winning historian Douglas Brinkley, author of The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, by Bob Minzesheimer of USA Today. Here Brinkley talks about the heroes and bad faith players in Hurricane Katrina, indie booksellers’ role in the area’s economic recovery, and his upcoming titles.

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14 Mar

Tech Talk: Pinterest for Online Window-Shopping and More

Several indie booksellers who have made Pinterest part of their social media marketing efforts have found it easy and fun to use and better than Twitter for connecting with customers.

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22 Sep

Farley’s Bookshop Goes Big With Small Presses

A consignment arrangement with small presses has enabled Farley’s Bookshop in New Hope, Pennsylvania, to build a deeper inventory selection that has grown customer interest and the store’s bottom line.

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09 Nov

Booksellers Share Best Practices for Promoting E-Books

The best approach to promoting e-books is multiple approaches — feature them in general and targeted electronic and print newsletters, advertise online and in-store, train staff, and “just be relentless”— is the collective opinion of booksellers who shared their best practices with BTW.

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26 Jan

E-Books: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Last week’s Winter Institute session “E-Books: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going” presented data on e-book sales growth and trends among IndieCommerce websites and a look at some of the creative ways indie booksellers are drawing customer attention to promote sales.

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15 Mar

World Book Night: Music, Lights, Camera, Action

Bookstores’ promotional plans for World Book Night’s “great giveaway” include a mini parade of lights, TV crews filming the odyssey of the givers, and entertainment provided by local teenage musicians.

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29 Sep

Brilliant Books Readies to Open Second Location

Michigan’s Brilliant Books will open a second location next month. Co-owners Peter and Colleen Makin are taking over the lease of a storefront in an historic building in Traverse City on October 1. They hope to be selling books by October 17 and will throw a grand opening party in November.

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09 Nov

Five Book Pledge” an Overwhelming Success

Thanks to close to 600 customers who pledged to buy five more books a year and a renegotiation of its lease, A Room of One’s Own ended its fiscal year in the black and with plans to expand.

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02 Feb

Weller Book Works: Operation Book Drop

Weller Book Works recently placed hundreds of free books for people to find throughout Salt Lake City in a guerrilla marketing campaign aimed at promoting both the store’s new location in Trolley Square and “the concept of the book.”

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