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11 Aug

2010 ABACUS Data Collection Process Underway

On Thursday, August 5, ABA members received a special e-mail from the National Association of College Stores' OnCampus Research that began the information collection process for ABA's 2010 ABACUS financial survey.

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05 Aug

ABA Responds to New Republic's "In Defense of Amazon"

ABA CEO Oren Teicher recently sent a Letter to the Editor of The New Republic in response to Senior Editor Ruth Franklin's piece "In Defense of Amazon."

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04 Aug

2010 ABACUS Initiative Begins

On Thursday, August 5, ABA member bookstores were scheduled to receive a special e-mail from the National Association of College Stores' OnCampus Research regarding ABA's ABACUS financial survey. The e-mail begins the data collection process for the 2010 ABACUS initiative.

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28 Jul

Literary Agent's E-Book Publishing Arrangement Sparks Strong Industry Reaction

Last week's news of literary agent Andrew Wylie's exclusive agreement with to publish Kindle editions of 20 backlist titles by notable writers represented by Wylie provoked strong reactions among some major publishers and elicited extensive industry discussion regarding the implications of this potential disintermediation.

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02 Jun

Spirited Debate on Controversial Supreme Court Decision

Two insightful, forceful, and persuasive advocates defended opposing sides of a nuanced and important free speech issue at a BEA debate sponsored by the American Booksellers Association for Free Expression, the Association of American Publishers’ Freedom to Read Committee, and the Freedom to Read Foundation. 

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