ABA Nomination and Election Guidelines

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(As Approved by the ABA Board of Directors, July 2002)

Qualifications of Director and Officer Candidates

1. Candidates for the Board of Directors must meet the definition of ABA's core member. A core member, for the purpose of this definition, is an ABA member who is the owner or employee of an independent bookstore with a physical presence (bricks-and-mortar storefronts, pop-up stores, mobile stores, and events-only bookselling companies) that is operated according to sound business principles.

2. Board candidates must have at least three years of recent experience as an owner or employee of a member company.

3. It is desirable that candidates have at least two years of experience as an active volunteer in ABA or a regional or other constituency organization, or possess similar experience.

4. All current members of the Board serving their second term shall be considered by the Board as possible nominees for President, and all current members of the Board with at least two years of service on the Board prior to the date when office would be assumed shall be considered by the Board as possible nominees for Vice President/Secretary.

When reviewing candidates for the position of Board Member, the Nominating Committee should consider the following:

1. The candidate should be committed to the Association’s mission, Ends Policies, objectives, and strategic process, and committed to working in a manner that demonstrates ABA's commitment to antiracism, inclusion, representation, and diversity.

2. The candidate should demonstrate a willingness and ability to devote the time to carry out substantive assignments.

3. The candidate should be committed to the principles of fiduciary responsibility.

4. The candidate should be committed to the best interests of all core members of ABA, giving them precedence over personal interests, regional interests, or any other interests.

5. The candidate should demonstrate good listening skills and be able to engage opposing points of view. The candidate must agree to abide by and support decisions of the Board as a whole, even when he/she may have a contrary personal opinion.

6. The candidate should demonstrate an ability to negotiate and compromise.

7. The candidate should exhibit qualities of leadership, creativity, and intelligence.

8. The candidate should have a strong reputation for integrity and character.

9. The candidate should contribute to the overall composition of the Board to help ensure that the Board is representative of the Association's diversity.

10. The candidate should be engaged in the industry, either regionally or nationally, and have a reputation for working well with others and contributing to the industry.


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Independent bookstores act as community anchors; they serve a unique role in promoting the open exchange of ideas, enriching the cultural life of communities, and creating economically vibrant neighborhoods.



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