Configure A Custom Checkout Pane

    Stores have the option to create a custom checkout pane within the IndieCommerce checkout flow. In this example, we configure it to offer gift wrapping to customers during the checkout process.

    NOTE: The ‘Custom Checkout Pane’ module needs to be enabled for your site. Please send us a request from the Store Features page (Store > Configuration > Account Information and Preferences > Store Features).


    Navigate to:  Store > Configuration > Checkout

    Custom Checkout Messages

    If you wish to display a special message to your customers at the end of checkout, a special message pertaining to their order, you may do so using ‘Rules’.

    Example scenarios where a custom checkout message could be used:

    Website Best Practices

    Creating a leading website takes thought and planning, a site is typically considered successful if it is well designed, useful and in e-commerce aspects, lucrative. While different stores each have different website needs, there are some best practices that are global to all sites. In this guide, we explain those best practices and have broken them down into 4 categories:


    Custom Email Checkout Notification

    You can create a ‘Custom Email Checkout Notification’ to either replace the default one or as a second additional email. The instructions below cover both options. However, it is our recommendation that you keep the default email and add a second additional email with any custom messages you would like to send. Though your custom email can include similar information as the default, it cannot include all of it and will not be identical. Custom emails can also not be formatted to display in the same design as the default email.

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