Sincere Thanks for Another Great Year!

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At the close of the year, the Book Sense team extends a very appreciative thanks to all the booksellers who have participated in the program's initiatives -- from nominating titles for the Picks lists and creating great in-store displays, to reporting to the bestseller list, promoting Book Sense in newsletters and on websites, selling Book Sense gift cards, and participating in

"ABA is extremely grateful for the vigorous national participation of booksellers in Book Sense" said Avin Mark Domnitz, ABA CEO. "Their knowledge, passion, and diversity sustains the program and every day is helping bookstores sell more great books."

There are 26 Book Sense Picks lists scheduled for 2007, and the next deadline is January 5, 2007, for the March Picks list.

Nominations, noting in a few sentences why a bookseller will be enthusiastically handselling a title, may be sent by e-mail to [email protected] or via a convenient webform. And remember, what a bookseller has already written for staff picks or for store newsletter copy can be used for Book Sense Pick nominations as well.

In addition to the many great fiction titles that are selected for the Book Sense lists, booksellers can also send in nominations for notable nonfiction titles published throughout the year, including worthy titles in such categories as cooking and business.