New Features and a Seminar Opportunity For IndieLite Users

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According to ABA’s IndieCommerce team, the number of IndieLite stores has grown dramatically over the past year, while both sales and customer traffic have seen tremendous growth . So just in time for the holidays and at no extra cost, ABA's IndieCommerce team is presenting three new features for booksellers who use IndieLite to host their website. They are: 

  • Book Lists: Stores now have five front page book lists available to them (two more than they had before).
  • Block Title Links: Booksellers can now link block titles to a separate web page.
  • Gift Cards: Booksellers now have the ability to sell gift cards this holiday season via their IndieLite website.

Booksellers who are interested in learning more about low cost e-commerce solution IndieLite and how it could work for their store are encouraged to sign up for the very first IndieLite seminar, taking place at Winter Institute 2020 in Baltimore on Tuesday, January 21, from 9 2 p.m.

Topics covered at the hands-on seminar will include content creation and management, order processing, and how to make the most of your IndieLite website. Attendees will also have access to a test site once the session is over where they can try out what they learned. 

Registration is open to booksellers who currently use IndieLite or are considering opening an IndieLite website. Booksellers with questions about the new IndieLite Features or the upcoming IndieLite seminar can send the IndieCommerce team an e-mail at