IndieBound Makes It Easier to DIY

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IndieBound is a movement that's dynamic, adaptable, and growing, and so, too, are its online resources. To make it easier for booksellers to find everything -- from how to get started to business-to-business tools for spreading the IndieBound message to other locally owned businesses -- ABA staff recently reorganized the IndieBound sections on Among the changes, the Bookseller Resources page has been streamlined, and the Bookseller DIY (formerly the Online Identity Manager) has a new menu providing easier access to all that's IndieBound.

New materials are always being added to the Bookseller DIY, and the newest are a "Love Your Local" banner and editable bookmarks. Booksellers can easily customize these bookmarks to fit their own needs, as well as add their store name, address, phone number, and more.

The newest non-editable bookmark designs, created at booksellers' request, feature two versions of the "Here's What You Just Did" copy from the popular IndieBound flier. And new palm cards include space on the back where booksellers can add title recommendations.

There's also great news for booksellers who love the "Eat Sleep Read" poster and asked for a similar motto for their littlest indie customers. The "Snack Nap Read" design, which was added to the Bookseller DIY in June, will be arriving at IndieBound stores in poster form in the October Red Box.

And, as always, ABA encourages booksellers to send their questions and suggestions to IndieBound Outreach Liaison Paige Poe at