Dig That New Peace, Love, Books Poster

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The summer of love, or the summer of books?

Now you can have both with IndieBound's new tie-dye Peace, Love, Books poster. This groovy attention-getter was created at the suggestion of Read Between the Lynes in Woodstock ... Woodstock, Illinois, that is.

This summer the midwest Woodstock will host A Woodstock Tribute, a music festival celebrating 40 years of peace and music, and Arlene Lynes of Read Between the Lynes decided to get in on the fun. She contacted ABA to request a tie-dyed version of the Holiday DIY Peace Love Books poster. "We got the idea as the tribute weekend is happening August 14 and 15, and local businesses were asked to partner with the event," said Lynes.

IndieBound Outreach Liaison Paige Poe created the far-out poster, and added the Read Between the Lynes logo for Arlene and company. "I love it! The poster is going in our next window and will stay through August," Lynes said.

With the 40th anniversary of Woodstock coming up, there's never been a better time to let your (book) freak flag fly.

Original art files for the new poster are available in the Bookseller DIY, and the poster can also be purchased from IndieBound's RedBubble store.

Is your store using the new poster? Remember to share your pictures with paige@bookweb.org and don't hesitate to ask about customization!