Book Lists Come to IndieBound for iPhone

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Hot on the heels of some great accolades, the IndieBound for iPhone app received a major update on Tuesday. Two frequently requested features have been added.

My Book Lists

IndieBound for iPhone is now fully integrated with's Book Lists feature . Users can create lists and add books to them using either the iPhone app or the website, and changes will be reflected instantly on both. Users can also remove books and rearrange their lists, all from within the IndieBound app. New users can even create an account on directly through the app.

Favorite Store

IndieBound for iPhone can now remember a user's favorite independent bookstore for repeat online shopping ... even if they're far away.

"iPhone users have been asking for a simple 'wish list' function since the app launched," explained Matt Supko. "I think we went above and beyond that by offering them the ability to create an unlimited number of lists, and by integrating those lists with their user accounts on Now iPhone owners can set up a shopping list on their computer at work, and take it into their favorite bookstore on their iPhone."

Also recently added to IndieBound for iPhone, as well as the website, are ABA's specialty Indie Bestseller Lists, which compile sales for books by category over an eight-week period. As new specialty lists are announced here in BTW, look for them on your iPhone as well.

Current IndieBound for iPhone users will simply need to visit the App Store on their phones and check the "Updates" tab to get the new version.

More information about IndieBound for iPhone is available on The app can also be downloaded directly through the App Store in iTunes.