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    Tailored, affordable insurance coverage for bookstores
    In today's highly competitive business environment independent bookstores need every advantage to succeed. LIBRIS provides that advantage when it comes to business insurance: Independent bookstores receive broad coverage at a highly competitive price.

    “When we first looked at joining, ABA's LIBRIS insurance program was one of the top two benefits I saw in membership. We saved more on our insurance costs in just that first year than we've ever paid in years of dues. When I pitch non-member bookstores about joining ABA, LIBRIS is the first thing I mention. ABFE (the legal defense folks who helped us when we needed it), Indies First, and the education program all really matter, but LIBRIS saves bookstores so much money it makes the bottom-line benefit of joining ABA crystal clear.”

                                                                                                                                             Phil Bevis, Arundel Books, Seattle, WA

    What is LIBRIS?

    Created by ABA, the League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services has been working with independent bookstores and publishers since 1997. LIBRIS works directly with business owners as well as with local agents around the country.

    What sets LIBRIS apart?

    • New Store Benefit. LIBRIS gives credit for previous bookstore experience or retail management experience for new bookstore owners.
    • Coverage for Visiting Authors. Unlike most insurance programs, LIBRIS covers visiting authors as additional insureds.
    • Website/Computer Coverage. LIBRIS offers $50,000 in website coverage and $5,000 for computer fraud at no additional cost.
    • Seasonal Increase in Merchandise is Covered. LIBRIS accounts for increased inventory at no additional
    • Used Book Benefit. LIBRIS values used book inventory at the cost to replace with like kind and quality, and does not depreciate used books after a loss.
    • Special Event Coverage.
    LIBRIS understands that bookstore events are a common activity and coverage needs to be built into the policy.
    • Off-Premises Coverage for Exhibitions and Conferences. LIBRIS includes coverage for inventory and property used for off-site events, an important part of your business.

    Coverage You Can Count On

    A select list of LIBRIS insurance coverage for booksellers:

    • Full replacement cost for buildings and business personal property
    • Business interruption/extra expense
    • Earthquake sprinkler leakage
    • Glass - Interior/exterior
    • Employee dishonesty
    • Fine arts
    • Valuable papers/accounts receivable
    • Used and rare books
    • Computer equipment/software
    • Business liability protection
    • Tenants' legal liability
    • Employee benefits liability
    • Hired and non-owned auto liability
    • Theft
    • Workers' compensation
    • Coverage for cafés/restaurants

    For details or more information on terms, conditions, limitations and any exclusions, please contact LIBRIS directly:

    Whitney Balaun, Business Development Specialist
    888.694.8585 / wbalaun

    LIBRIS || OnPoint Underwriting
    8000 E. Maplewood Ave. #350
    Greenwood Village, CO 80111

    Speak with a LIBRIS policyholder for yourself and hear how you can receive the best in bookstore business insurance. Feel free to contact one of the members of the LIBRIS Board of Directors:

    Sarah Bagby
    Witchita, KS

    Mitchell Kaplan
    Books & Books
    Coral Gables, FL

    Chuck Robinson
    Village Books
    Bellingham, WA

    Find out how LIBRIS can meet your needs at a competitive price by requesting a quote. Contact a LIBRIS representative at 888-694-8585 for more information, or request a quote online.

    LIBRIS Liability Insurance for Publishers

    LIBRIS offers book publishers the opportunity to purchase publisher liability insurance at highly competitive rates.  Like hundreds of ABA bookstores, you will find that LIBRIS provides quick and responsive service. LIBRIS publisher liability insurance is available in all 50 states.

    • No minimum revenues or minimum premiums. Your annual premium is based on your gross revenues.
    • Coverage includes customary publisher professional errors and omissions; slander; infringement of copyright, title or slogan; and other similar situations.
    • Claims are directly paid on your behalf and only after you have agreed to a settlement. There is no need for you to seek reimbursement from the insurance company. Claims also include arbitration proceedings.
    • Limits of coverage up to $10,000,000.
    • Deductibles start from $2,500.
    • Business owners package, workers' compensation, and other insurance products are also available.
    • A.M. Best Rating of A+ insurance company.

    Find out how LIBRIS can meet your needs at a competitive price by requesting a quote. Contact a LIBRIS representative at 888-694-8585 for more information, or request a quote online.