Middle Grade

    • Like Vanessa, Tami Charles
      Charlesbridge, 9781580897778, March 13, 2018 (Middle Grade)

      “All I can say is thank goodness the ’80s are back in fashion, because this gem of a book is best read sitting in front of a TV tray in a recliner. Inspired by Vanessa Williams’ 1983 Miss America win, a headstrong and pushy teacher, and a supportive and scheming grandfather, Vanessa Martin braves the small-town pageant circuit, the potential disappointment of her father, and the challenge of being dark skinned. Vanessa touches the dreamer spirit in all of us, and I cheered her on right through to the end.”

      -Kim Bissell, Broadway Books (Portland, OR)

      “A standout debut novel in which a young girl living in the projects in the 1980s struggles to rise above her situation. You will root for Nessie as she overcomes body issues, false friends, an absent mother, and a distant father and learns to cherish her talents and that real beauty shines from within. Nessie’s diary entries/poems add to this richly layered, unflinching, full-of-heart story. I look forward to more from Tami Charles!”

      - Kathleen Carey, Little Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza (Albany, NY)

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