Introduction to Taxonomy and Views

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Basics of Drupal Taxonomy – vocabulary and terms, focusing on creating taxonomy for the 'event' content type
    • Introduction to Drupal Views - a look at the views interface, how to edit an existing view and customize the 'Event' view with color coding and filtering using taxonomy.

    Color Coding the Event Calendar

    Color coding the ‘Event Calendar’ using Taxonomy and Views.


    Navigate to: Structure > Taxonomy > Add Vocabulary

    Creating An Event

    Creating ‘Events’ is a highly recommended step, as you want to keep visitors of your website informed on things going on in the store. The steps below give you all the options available when doing so. The only required options are those noted with a red asterisk*.


    Navigate to: Content > Add Content > Event

    There are several available fields for you to utilize to create the content of your page:

    Upcoming Events w/ Photo and Details

    Create a view that will populate with upcoming events, and will include a field for an author photo, the body, and date.


    Recurring Events Calendar

    The default events calendar does not allow for the addition of recurring events without multiple entries. However, you may create a new ‘content type’ and a ‘view’ which will then provide a separate calendar that does.

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