Custom Products

    March 8, 2018 - Bulk Upload of Used Books and Signed Copies

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the IndieCommerce 'Store Books' feature:

    • What is a 'Store Book'?
    • How are 'Store Books' different from LSI?
    • How to add a 'Store Book' manually
    • About the 'Store Book' content type
    • Bulk Upload Store Books

    IndieCommerce Bulk Importer - Used, Signed, etc.

    This module allows stores to create 'store books', which are custom products that refer to new books available through Ingram but may be different from them. For example, they may represent used copies, signed copies, or unique editions.


    Before using this system, it's important to be up on the basics of custom products. If you've never created a custom product class before, please see the help documentation on

    September 28, 2017 - Bulk Upload of Custom Products

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the basics of using the ABA Product Importer module:

    • What is the feature for
    • How is it different from LSI
    • What are the 4 stages
    • Brief review of product classes
    • What are staging tables
    • Demo of the feature

    IndieCommerce Bulk Importer

    Welcome to the IndieCommerce custom product bulk importer! This system is designed to help you create and manage a large number of custom products on your IndieCommerce website.


    Before using this system, it's important to be up on the basics of custom products. If you've never created a custom product class before, please see the help documentation on

    Creating Membership Subscriptions


    Navigate to: Store > Products > Manage Classes

    1. Fill in the ‘Add a Class’ form:
      • Enter the Class ID - Example: subscription services
      • Class Name - Example: Subscription Services
      • Description is optional
    2. Select ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.  

    You have now created the product class.

    Authoring information is always set to be displayed on new product classes.

    View Carousel using jCarousel

    A collection of book cover images or custom product images can be displayed in the form of a carousel. In Drupal, a carousel is a type of ‘view’. The jCarousel module is enabled upon request. If you wish to create a carousel on your site, please contact us with a request to enable the JCarousel module.

    Product Bundles


    Creating a product bundle as a custom product is very similar to creating a standard custom product, in fact, you will follow the same instructions which can be found under ‘Creating Custom Products’. However, we do have some tips unique to creating bundles:

    Utilizing the Stock module

    The ‘Stock’ module provides a basic stock tracking system for custom products. Store admins can set the stock level and a threshold for each product SKU. When the stock has decremented to the threshold value an email can be sent to the store admin. When the stock is depleted, the ‘Add to Cart’ button will be replaced with an ‘Out of Stock’ button. The stock count will be decremented as customers make purchases.

    Using Conditional Attributes

    Here is one example of how this feature might work on your website. A customer buys a custom product and would like to give it as a gift and include a gift message. On the custom product page, the customer is asked: "Is this a gift". If they select "Yes", a message dialog box would open for the customer to enter their gift message. If they don't select "Yes", the message dialog box would remain closed.

    February 18, 2016 - Custom Products

    This webinar covers topics related to custom products on your IndieCommerce website and included the following:

    • Custom Product Classes and Custom Products
    • Attributes and Options
    • Shipping, payment options and taxes for custom products
    • 'Stock' and 'Variable Price' with custom products


    Simple Product Views

    If you followed the instructions in “Creating Custom Products” to create your own product classes and products of those classes, you are now ready to create a view to display them.

    September 23, 2015 - IndieCommerce Overview

    IndieCommerce webinar presented on September 23, 2015, covering:

    • Message Center
    • IndieCommunication newsletter
    • Store preferences
    • Custom content... and more.


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