Order Processing

    This webinar will review IndieLite order processing:

    • Best practices
    • Order processing overview
    • Common pitfalls to avoid

    Quick Start - Google Analytics, Google My Business, Google Search Console

    This webinar will demonstrate how to get started with:

    • Google Analytics
    • Google My Business
    • Google Search Console


    Bulk Upload of Used Books and Signed Copies

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the IndieCommerce 'Store Books' feature:

    • What is a 'Store Book'?
    • How are 'Store Books' different from LSI?
    • How to add a 'Store Book' manually
    • About the 'Store Book' content type
    • Bulk Upload Store Books

    Getting Your Website Ready for the Holidays

    This webinar will lead booksellers through getting their IndieCommerce website ready for the holidays:

    • Tour of some of the common issues that customers (and stores) might encounter during the holiday season
    • Making sure your contact information is up to date
    • Processing orders correctly

    Bulk Upload of Custom Products

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the basics of using the ABA Product Importer module:

    • What is the feature for
    • How is it different from LSI
    • What are the 4 stages
    • Brief review of product classes
    • What are staging tables
    • Demo of the feature

    Mobile Friendly Booklists

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the basics of using the Mobile Friendly Booklist module:

    • How to request the module be enabled
    • Edit the booklists
    • Configure the view blocks
    • Customizations (IndieCommerce members only)
    • How other members are using this feature


    Google Analytics for E-Commerce

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the basics of Google Analytics to:

    • Evaluate key metrics on who is visiting your website
    • What pages they are reading
    • How far they go into the site,
    • Where they drop off before buying
    • What you can do to prevent that
    • Which channels drive the most traffic
    • How they work together.
    • The basics of setting up conversion tracking
    • Confirming Google Analytics is set up correctly


    Discount Coupons - Part 1

    This webinar is the first in a series on Discount Coupons and will include the following :

    • Configuring your IndieCommerce site to accept coupons
    • Creating coupons using the various available options
    • Placing an order with a coupon (as a customer)
    • Understanding the coupon usage report and order report

    Google Analytics

    A tour of Google Analytics, including:

    • How to identify where traffic is coming from
    • Which pages on your site are most popular
    • What kind of devices your customers are using to view your website

    Additionally, we’ll do a bit of deeper digging to investigate which traffic sources are delivering sales and which aren’t. And we’ll keep our focus on valuable insights you can discover with a few clicks.

    A Beginner's Guide

    If you are new to IndieCommerce and not sure where to begin or if you consider yourself a beginner, this is for you! In this webinar we cover, the IndieCommerce team will provide step by step instructions on:

    • How to configure your new IndieCommerce site
    • Share some website best practices to get the most out of your site


    This webinar covered topics related to site themes and included the following:

    • Responsive Drupal themes offered by IndieCommerce
    • Theme features
    • Switching themes using Theme Key
    • Administration theme
    • List of popular themes
    • Tips and tricks for testing and selecting a theme


    Blocks, Menus and Book Lists

    Blocks Menus and Book lists covering:

    • Overview of book lists
    • Bulk upload of book lists
    • Creating and configuring blocks
    • Menus and drop down menus


    Custom Products

    This webinar covers topics related to custom products on your IndieCommerce website and included the following:

    • Custom Product Classes and Custom Products
    • Attributes and Options
    • Shipping, payment options and taxes for custom products
    • 'Stock' and 'Variable Price' with custom products


    Store Pricing, Local Store Inventory and Not For Sale

    This webinar covered topics related to pricing and selling books on your IndieCommerce website and included the following:

    •     Store Pricing tool and how to use it effectively
    •     How to avoid purchase of certain books from your site
    •     How to add your store inventory to your website.


    Order Processing, Part 2

    In this webinar we will discuss:

    • Processing credit card orders...continued
    • Processing PayPal orders
    • Processing giftcard/credit card orders
    • Sending orders to Ingram
    • Handling tax-exempt orders


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