Bulk Upload of Custom Products

    This webinar will lead booksellers through the basics of using the ABA Product Importer module:

    • What is the feature for
    • How is it different from LSI
    • What are the 4 stages
    • Brief review of product classes
    • What are staging tables
    • Demo of the feature

    Advantages Of Using Custom Product Classes

    When you first begin working with your IndieCommerce website you will have a single custom product class created by default called ‘ABA Product’. 'ABA Product' class covers ABA supplied books. However, you most likely, sell other products in store and will wish to online as well. Product classes are the starting point for organizing those other items for sale as it’s going to contain all the information needed to sell and ship products on your website.

    Creating Custom Products

    When creating a custom product, we recommend setting up a separate product class (A product class is a content type that can be purchased).  Having a separate product class will allow you to find the product easier, and control settings such as eligible shipping methods, payment methods, taxable status, etc. Once the Product Class is created, that Product Class will automatically appear as a Content type.  For the example, below we are creating a custom product for our store T-shirt. However, the same steps can be used regardless of the product you wish to create.

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