Capturing the Travel, Religion, and Cookbook Enthusiast

    Wednesday, January 24, 2018 -
    9:20am to 10:20am
    Cotton Row

    The recent resurgence of interest in travel books is one more reason to take a closer look at the marketing of certain genres. Bookseller and publisher panelists will cover creative marketing, merchandising, events, and handselling to help put your store on the map for customers seeking books on travel, religion, and cooking.

    Nina Barrett, Bookends & Beginnings (Evanston, IL) and Allison McGeehon, Artisan Books (New York, NY); Tom Knight, HarperCollins Publishers (New York, NY) and Cody Morrison, Square Books (Oxford, MS); Eric Kettunen, Publishers Group West (New York, NY) and Richard Hunt, Roebling Point Books & Coffee (Covington, KY); Moderated by Joy Dallanegra- Sanger, ABA (White Plains, NY)

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