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    An Indies Introduce Debut Author Q&A With James Scott

    James Scott is the author of The Kept, a debut novel about family and retribution, which he hopes will leave readers with a deeper understanding of the characters and empathy for the things they’ve done and had to do.

    An Indies Introduce Debut Author Q&A With Bryce Andrews

    In his debut title, the memoir Badluck Way: A Year on the Ragged Edge of the West, Bryce Andrews recounts his experience of living and working on a cattle ranch in remote, windswept southwest Montana, where there’s a fragile balance between the tame and the wild.


    Sue Monk Kidd Talks About The Invention of Wings, January’s #1 Indie Next List Pick

    Sue Monk Kidd, the author of The Invention of Wings, discusses her research and writing processes, the challenge of entwining fact and fiction, and the importance of women finding their own voices.

    An Indies Introduce New Voices Q&A With Cristin Terrill

    Cristin Terrill, author of the debut YA novel All Our Yesterdays, believes that it is important for everyone to be able to see themselves and their experiences reflected back at them through art and entertainment, “and that probably goes double for teenagers,” she said.

    An Indies Introduce Debut Author Q&A With Katy Butler

    Katy Butler was inspired to write her debut title, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, after seeing her father suffer through a medically prolonged death, and then seeing her mother defy her doctors, refuse open heart surgery, and face death head-on.

    Indies Introduce New Voices Q&A With Tone Almhjell

    Tone Almhjell’s debut novel for middle-graders is The Twistrose Key. Here, she talks about being inspired by her Norwegian homeland, favorite authors, and more.

    Indies Introduce Debut Author Q&A With Mitchell S. Jackson

    Mitchell S. Jackson is the author of the autobiographical novel The Residue Years, about coming of age in a black family in Portland, Oregon, in the ’90s and dealing with issues of poverty, drugs, and race.

    Indies Introduce Debut Author Q&A With Tracy Guzeman

    Tracy Guzeman talks about the inspiration for her debut  novel, The Gravity of Birds, spine poetry, and more.

    Indies Introduce New Voices Q&A With Patrick Flores-Scott

    “I wanted to write a book that I thought my students would like, one that was structured and formatted in a way that would entice struggling readers, and one that was as true to their lives as I could make it,” says Patrick Flores-Scott, author of the debut Young Adult novel Jumped In.

    A Q&A With Joshilyn Jackson, Author of December’s #1 Indie Next List Pick

    Joshilyn Jackson, author of Someone Else’s Love Story, discusses the development of her newest book, the influence of indie booksellers on her writing career, and the character from her latest novel who will be making a comeback in her next  book. 


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